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Portrait of Rep. Collin Peterson Congressman Collin Peterson -- Minnesota's Seventh Congressional District
photos from Minnesota's Seventh District
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 Democrats fight for energy independence by investing in the Midwest, not the Middle East

Republican Record:

      Record dependence on foreign oil climbing to 65 percent

      U.S. is sending $1 billion per day to the Middle East and other oil producing countries

      Bush Budget funds renewable energy and energy efficiency at below the 2001 level, in real terms, and provides nearly 50 percent less for research on renewable energy than was promised in the new energy law.

      Budget cuts Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvements Program in the Farm Bill by $20 million. [S 1932, Vote #4, 2/1/06]

       Blocked amendments to invest in alternative energy, innovation and energy efficiency, and research in production of American-made biofuels. [Vote #194, 5/24/06; #179, 5/23/06]

Democrats Proposal:

p       Keeping America home-owned and home grown:

o Boost production and use of American-made biofuels, creating jobs in rural communities

o Increase cars and trucks that can run on a blend of 85 percent ethanol (E-85)

o Expand distribution of biofuels by making ethanol and biodiesel available at more pumps, and

o Advance research and development to create cutting-edge technologies for biofuels

 Democrats will punish price gouging by Big Oil & help consumers:

Republican Record:

      Record gas prices at the pump, topping $3 per gallon double the price in 2001

      Record CEO benefits and pay

      Failed to enact tough legislation to crack down on price gouging and voted against it three times

Democrats Proposal:

p       Investigate and punish price gouging by Big Oil

p       Impose tough criminal penalties of up to $100 million on corporations

p       Provide relief for consumers, farmers and small businesses by repealing subsidies for Big Oil

 Democrats will stop $33 billion in tax breaks and subsidies for Big Oil

Republican Record:

      Record profits for Big Oil

o        Big Six Oil companies more than $60 billion in first half profits

o        Profits for Big Oil nearly quadrupled, 2002-2005

      Delivering for Big Oil at taxpayers expense

o        Free drilling rights on public lands, costing taxpayers $20 billion over 25 years

o        $12 billion in subsidies

Democrats Proposals:

p       Repeal at least $4 billion in tax breaks and new subsidies from the Energy Policy Act

p       Repeal royalty relief, saving taxpayers up to $20 billion over the next 25 years

p       Repeal $8.6 billion in tax loopholes for energy and large oil companies [H.R.5218, H.R. 5234]