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Portrait of Rep. Collin Peterson Congressman Collin Peterson -- Minnesota's Seventh Congressional District
photos from Minnesota's Seventh District
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Cities in the 7th District

Aastad Township
Acoma Township
Acton Township
Ada City
Agassiz Township
Agder Township
Akron Township
Akron Township
Alaska Township
Alberta City
Alexandria City
Alexandria Township
Alfsborg Township
Alliance Township
Alma Township
Almond Township
Alta Vista Township
Alvarado City
America/Beltrami Is Unorganized
Amiret Township
Amor Township
Andover Township
Andrea Township
Angle Unorganized
Angus Township
Anthony Township
Appleton City
Appleton Township
Arco City
Arctander Township
Arena Township
Argyle City
Arlington City
Arlington Township
Arthur Township
Artichoke Township
Arveson Township
Ash Lake Township
Ashby City
Ashley Township
Atherton Township
Atlanta Township
Atwater City
Audubon City
Audubon Township
Augsburg Township
Augusta Township
Aurdal Township

Badger City
Badger Township
Bagley City
Baker Township
Balaton City
Bandon Township
Bangor Township
Barnesville City
Barnesville Township
Barnett Township
Barrett City
Barry City
Barsness Township
Bartlett Township
Barto Township
Battle Lake City
Battle Township
Baudette City
Baudette Unorganized
Baxter Township
Bear Creek Township
Bear Park Township
Beardsley City
Beaulieu Township
Beaver Falls Township
Beaver Township
Bejou City
Bejou Township
Belgium Township
Belgrade City
Belle River Township
Bellingham City
Beltrami City
Belview City
Bemidji City
Bemidji Township
Ben Wade Township
Benson City
Benson Township
Benville Township
Bergen Township
Bertha City
Bertha Township
Big Bend Township
Big Stone Township
Big Woods Township
Birch Cooley Township
Birchdale Township
Bird Island City
Bird Island Township
Biscay City
Bismarck Township
Black River Township
Blomkest City
Bloomer Township
Blowers Township
Blue Mounds Township
Bluffton City
Bluffton Township
Boon Lake Township
Boone Unorganized
Borup City
Boxville Township
Boyd City
Bradford Township
Brandon City
Brandon Township
Brandrup Township
Brandsvold Township
Brandt Township
Bray Township
Breckenridge City
Breckenridge Township
Brislet Township
Brookfield Township
Brooks City
Brookville Township
Brooten City
Brooten City
Browerville City
Browns Creek Township
Browns Valley City
Browns Valley Township
Brownton City
Bruce Township
Buffalo Lake City
Burbank Township
Burleene Township
Burlington Township
Burnhamville Township
Burton Township
Burtrum City
Buse Township
Butler Township
Buzzle Township
Bygland Township

Cairo Township
Callaway City
Callaway Township
Camp Lake Township
Camp Release Township
Camp Township
Campbell City
Campbell Township
Canby City
Candor Township
Cannon Township
Caribou Township
Carlisle Township
Carlos City
Carlos Township
Carsonville Township
Cashel Township
Cedar Mills City
Cedar Mills Township
Cedar Township
Cedarbend Township
Cerro Gordo Township
Champion Township
Charlestown Township
Chester Township
Chief Township
Chilgren Unorganized
Chippewa Falls Township
Chokio City
Clara City
Clarissa City
Clarkfield City
Clear River/Oaks Unorganized
Clearbrook City
Clements City
Clifton Township
Clifton Township
Climax City
Clinton City
Clitherall City
Clitherall Township
Clontarf City
Clontarf Township
Clover Leaf Township
Clover Township
Clover Township
Clow Township
Colfax Township
Collins Township
Collinwood Township
Columbia Township
Como Township
Compton Township
Comstock City
Comstock Township
Connelly Township
Coon Creek Township
Copley Township
Corliss Township
Cormant Township
Cormorant Township
Cornish Township
Correll City
Cosmos City
Cosmos Township
Cottonwood City
Crate Township
Croke Township
Cromwell Township
Crooks Township
Crookston City
Crookston Township
Crow Lake Township
Crow River Township
Cuba Township
Custer Township
Cyrus City

Dalton City
Dane Prairie Township
Danielson Township
Danube City
Danvers City
Darnen Township
Darwin City
Darwin Township
Dassel City
Dassel Township
Davis Township
Dawson City
De Graff City
Dead Lake Township
Deer Creek City
Deer Creek Township
Deer Park Township
Deer Township
Deerhorn Township
Deerwood Township
Delaware Township
Delhi City
Delhi Township
Dent City
Detroit Lakes City
Detroit Township
Dewey Township
Diamond Lake Township
Dieter Township
Dilworth City
Dollymount Township
Donaldson City
Donnelly City
Donnelly Township
Donnelly Township
Dora Township
Doran City
Dovre Township
Drammen Township
Dryden Township
Dublin Township
Dudley Township
Dumont City
Dunn Township
Durand Township

Eagle Bend City
Eagle Lake Township
Eagle Point Township
Eagle Valley Township
Eagle View Township
East Grand Forks City
East Lake Lillian Township
East Park Township
East Valley Township
Eastern Township
Echo City
Echo Township
Eckles Township
Eckvoll Township
Eddy Township
Eden Township
Eden Valley City
Eden Valley City
Edison Township
Edna Township
Edwards Township
Effington Township
Eglon Township
Eidsvold Township
Elbow Lake City
Elbow Lake Township
Eldorado Township
Elizabeth City
Elizabeth Township
Elk Lake Township
Elkton Township
Ellsworth Township
Elmo Township
Elmwood Township
Elrosa City
Emardville Township
Emmet Township
Enstrom Township
Equality Township
Erdahl Township
Erhard City
Erhards Grove Township
Ericson Township
Erie Township
Erskine City
Espelie Township
Esther Township
Euclid Township
Evansville City
Evansville Township
Everglade Township
Evergreen Township
Everts Township
Excel Township

Fahlun Township
Fairfax City
Fairfax Township
Fairfield Township
Fairview Township
Falk Township
Falun Township
Fanny Township
Farley Township
Farwell City
Fawn Lake Township
Faxon Township
Felton City
Felton Township
Fergus Falls City
Fergus Falls Township
Fertile City
Fisher City
Fisher Township
Flom Township
Flora Township
Florence City
Florida Township
Flowing Township
Foldahl Township
Folden Township
Folsom Township
Forada City
Forest Area Unorganized
Forest City Township
Forest Prairie Township
Forest Township
Fork Township
Fortier Township
Fosston City
Fossum Township
Foster Township
Foxhome City
Foxhome Township
Framnas Township
Franklin City
Frazee City
Freeland Township
Friberg Township
Friendship Township
Funkley City

Gales Township
Garden Township
Garfield City
Garfield Township
Garfield Township
Garnes Township
Garvin City
Gary City
Gaylord City
Gennessee Township
Gentilly Township
Georgetown Township
Georgetown Township
Germania Township
Gervais Township
Getty Township
Ghent City
Gibbon City
Gilchrist Township
Girard Township
Glencoe City
Glencoe Township
Glenwood City
Glenwood Township
Glyndon City
Glyndon Township
Godfrey Township
Golden Valley Township
Gonvick City
Good Hope Township
Goodridge City
Goodridge Township
Goose Prairie Township
Gordon Township
Gorman Township
Gorton Township
Grace Township
Graceville City
Graceville Township
Grafton Township
Grand Forks Township
Grand Plain Township
Grandview Township
Granite Falls City
Granite Falls City
Granite Falls Township
Granite Rock Township
Grant Valley Township
Granville Township
Green Isle City
Green Isle Township
Green Lake Township
Green Meadow Township
Green Valley Township
Greenbush City
Greenleaf Township
Greenwald City
Greenwood Township
Gregory Township
Grey Eagle City
Grey Eagle Township
Grimstad Township
Grove City
Grove Lake Township
Grove Park-Tilden Township
Grove Township
Grygla City
Gudrid Unorganized
Gully City
Gully Township

Hagen Township
Hale Township
Hallock City
Hallock Township
Halma City
Halstad City
Halstad Township
Hamden Township
Hamlin Township
Hammer Township
Hammond Township
Hampden Township
Hamre Township
Hancock City
Hangaard Township
Hanley Falls City
Hansonville Township
Hantho Township
Harrison Township
Hartford Township
Harvey Township
Hassan Valley Township
Havelock Township
Hawk Creek Township
Hawley City
Hawley Township
Hayes Township
Hazel Run City
Hazel Run Township
Hazelton Township
Hector City
Hector Township
Hegbert Township
Hegne Township
Heier Township
Height of Land Township
Helen Township
Helgeland Township
Henderson City
Henderson Township
Hendricks City
Hendricks Township
Hendrum City
Hendrum Township
Henning City
Henning Township
Henryville Township
Hereim Township
Herman City
Hewitt City
Hickory Township
Higdem Township
Highland Grove Township
Highlanding Township
Hill River Township
Hill Township
Hitterdal City
Hobart Township
Hodges Township
Hoff Township
Hoffman City
Holland Township
Holloway City
Holmes City Township
Holmesville Township
Holst Township
Holt City
Holt Township
Holy Cross Township
Home Lake Township
Homestead Township
Honner Township
Hope Township
Hornet Township
Horton Township
Hubbard Township
Hudson Township
Humboldt City
Humboldt Township
Huntly Township
Huntsville Township
Huss Township
Hutchinson City
Hutchinson Township

Ida Township
Inman Township
Iona Township
Irving Township
Island Lake Township
Island Lake Township
Itasca Township
Ivanhoe City

Jadis Township
Jadis Unorganized
Jessenland Township
Johnson City
Johnson Township
Johnsonville Township
Jones Township
Jupiter Township

Kandiyohi City
Kandiyohi Township
Kandota Township
Karlstad City
Keene Township
Kelliher City
Kelliher Township
Kelso Township
Kennedy City
Kensington City
Kent City
Kerkhoven City
Kerkhoven Township
Kertsonville Township
Keystone Township
Kiel Unorganized
Kildare Township
King Township
Kingman Township
Kingston City
Kingston Township
Kintire Township
Knute Township
Kragero Township
Kragnes Township
Kratka Township
Kurtz Township

La Garde Township
La Grand Township
La Prairie Township
Lac qui Parle Township
Lake Andrew Township
Lake Benton City
Lake Benton Township
Lake Bronson City
Lake Elizabeth Township
Lake Eunice Township
Lake George Township
Lake Grove Township
Lake Henry City
Lake Henry Township
Lake Ida Township
Lake Johanna Township
Lake Lillian City
Lake Lillian Township
Lake Marshall Township
Lake Mary Township
Lake Park City
Lake Park Township
Lake Pleasant Township
Lake Shore Township
Lake Stay Township
Lake Township
Lake Valley Township
Lake View Township
Lakewood Unorganized
Lambert Township
Lamberton City
Lamberton Township
Lammers Township
Lancaster City
Land Township
Langhei Township
Langor Township
Laona Township
Lawrence Township
Le Sueur City
Leaf Lake Township
Leaf Mountain Township
Leaf Valley Township
Lee Township
Lee Township
Leenthrop Township
Lengby City
Leon Township
Leonard City
Leonardsville Township
Leslie Township
Lessor Township
Lester Prairie City
Leven Township
Liberty Township
Liberty Township
Lida Township
Lien Township
Limestone Township
Lincoln Township
Lind Township
Linsell Township
Lisbon Township
Litchfield City
Litchfield Township
Little Elbow Township
Little Elk Township
Little Sauk Township
Lockhart Township
Logan Township
Lone Tree Township
Long Beach City
Long Prairie City
Long Prairie Township
Louisburg City
Louisville Township
Louriston Township
Lowell Township
Lower Red Lake Unorganized
Lowry City
Lucan City
Lucas Township
Lund Township
Lynd City
Lynd Township
Lynn Township
Lyons Township

Macsville Township
Madison City
Madison Township
Mahnomen City
Maine Township
Malta Township
Malung Township
Mamre Township
Manannah Township
Mandt Township
Manfred Township
Manston Township
Maple Grove Township
Maple Ridge Township
Maplewood Township
Marble Township
Marietta City
Marsh Creek Township
Marsh Grove Township
Marshall City
Marshfield Township
Martinsburg Township
Mary Township
Marysland Township
Maxwell Township
Mayfield Township
Maynard City
McCauleyville Township
McCrea Township
McDonaldsville Township
McDougald Unorganized
McIntosh City
McKinley Township
Meadows Township
Mehurin Township
Meire Grove City
Melrose City
Melrose Township
Melville Township
Mentor City
Mickinock Township
Middle River City
Middle River Township
Milan City
Millerville City
Millerville Township
Milroy City
Miltona City
Miltona Township
Minerva Township
Minneota City
Minnesota Falls Township
Minnewaska Township
Minnie Township
Mitchell Township
Moe Township
Moland Township
Moltke Township
Monroe Township
Monson Township
Montevideo City
Moonshine Township
Moore Township
Moorhead City
Moorhead Township
Moose Creek Township
Moose River Township
Moose Township
Moran Township
Moranville Township
Morgan City
Morgan Township
Morken Township
Morris City
Morris Township
Morton City
Moyer Township
Moylan Township
Mud Lake Unorganized
Murdock City
Myhre Unorganized

Nashua City
Nassau City
Nebish Township
Nelson City
Nelson Park Township
Nereson Township
Nesbit Township
New Auburn City
New Auburn Township
New Avon Township
New Folden Township
New London City
New London Township
New Maine Township
New Prairie Township
New Solum Township
New York Mills City
Newfolden City
Newton Township
Nidaros Township
Nielsville City
Nilsen Township
Nora Township
Nora Township
Norcross City
Norden Township
Nordick Township
Nordland Township
Norfolk Township
Norman Township
Normania Township
North Beltrami Unorganized
North Clearwater Unorganized
North Fork Township
North Hero Township
North Ottawa Township
North Red River Township
North Roseau Unorganized
North Township
Northern Township
Northland Township
Northwest Roseau Unorganized
Norway Lake Township
Norway Township
Norwegian Grove Township
Numedal Township

Oak Park Township
Oak Valley Township
Oakland Township
Oakport Township
O'Brien Township
Odessa City
Odessa Township
Ogema City
Oklee City
Olivia City
Omro Township
Onstad Township
Orange Township
Ortonville City
Ortonville Township
Orwell Township
Osage Township
Osakis City
Osakis City
Osakis Township
Oscar Township
Osceola Township
Oshkosh Township
Oslo City
Otrey Township
Otter Tail Township
Ottertail City
Otto Township

Paddock Township
Palmville Township
Palmyra Township
Parke Township
Parker Township
Parkers Prairie City
Parkers Prairie Township
Parnell Township
Parnell Township
Paxton Township
Peatland Unorganized
Pelan Township
Pelican Lake Township
Pelican Rapids City
Pelican Township
Pembina Township
Penn Township
Pennock City
Pepperton Township
Percy Township
Perham City
Perham Township
Perley City
Perry Township
Pillsbury Township
Pine Lake Township
Pine Lake Township
Pine Point Township
Plato City
Pleasant View Township
Plummer City
Pohlitz Township
Polk Centre Township
Polonia Township
Pomme de Terre Township
Poplar Grove Township
Poplar River Township
Popple Grove Township
Popple Township
Poppleton Township
Porter City
Posen Township
Potamo Unorganized
Prairie View Township
Preston Lake Township
Prinsburg City
Prior Township
Prosper Unorganized
Providence Township

Queen Township
Quiring Township

Rapid River Unorganized
Raymond City
Raymond Township
Red Lake Falls City
Red Lake Falls Township
Redpath Township
Redwood Falls City
Redwood Falls City
Redwood Falls Township
Regal City
Reine Township
Reiner Township
Reis Township
Rendsville Township
Reno Township
Renville City
Revere City
Reynolds Township
Rheiderland Township
Rhinehart Township
Rice Township
Riceville Township
Rich Valley Township
Richardville Township
Richville City
Richwood Township
River Falls Township
River Township
Riverside Township
Riverton Township
Roberts Township
Rock Lake Township
Rocksbury Township
Rockwell Township
Rolling Forks Township
Rollis Township
Roome Township
Roosevelt City
Roosevelt City
Roosevelt Township
Roseau City
Rosebud Township
Rosedale Township
Roseland Township
Roseville Township
Roseville Township
Rosewood Township
Ross Township
Rothsay City
Rothsay City
Round Grove Township
Round Lake Township
Round Prairie Township
Royal Township
Rulien Unorganized
Runeberg Township
Rush Lake Township
Russell City
Russia Township

Sabin City
Sacred Heart City
Sacred Heart Township
Sanborn City
Sanders Township
Sandnes Township
Sandsville Township
Sanford Township
Sauk Centre City
Sauk Centre Township
Savannah Township
Scambler Township
Scandia Township
Scott Township
Seaforth City
Sedan City
Severance Township
Shaokatan Township
Shelburne Township
Shell Lake Township
Shelly City
Shelly Township
Sheridan Township
Sherman Township
Shevlin City
Shevlin Township
Shible Township
Shooks Township
Shotley Brook Unorganized
Shotley Township
Sibley Township
Silver Lake City
Silver Leaf Township
Silverton Township
Sinclair Township
Sinnott Township
Sioux Agency Township
Six Mile Grove Township
Skagen Township
Skane Township
Skree Township
Sletten Township
Smiley Township
Sodus Township
Solem Township
Soler Township
Solway City
South Clearwater Unorganized
South Red River Township
Sparta Township
Spicer City
Spooner Unorganized
Spring Brook Township
Spring Creek Township
Spring Creek Township
Spring Hill City
Spring Hill Township
Spring Prairie Township
Springdale Township
Spruce Grove Township
Spruce Grove Township
Spruce Hill Township
Spruce Township
Spruce Valley Township
St. Hilaire City
St. Johns Township
St. Joseph Township
St. Leo City
St. Olaf Township
St. Vincent City
St. Vincent Township
Stafford Township
Stanley Township
Staples City
Staples Township
Star Lake Township
Star Township
Starbuck City
Steenerson Township
Stephen City
Stevens Township
Stewart City
Stokes Township
Stoneham Township
Stony Brook Township
Stony Run Township
Stowe Prairie Township
Strand Township
Strandquist City
Strathcona City
Sugar Bush Township
Sullivan Township
Sumter Township
Sunburg City
Sundal Township
Sundown Township
Sunnyside Township
Svea Township
Sverdrup Township
Swan Lake Township
Swede Grove Township
Swede Prairie Township
Swedes Forest Township
Swenoda Township
Swiftwater Unorganized
Synnes Township

Tabor Township
Tamarac Township
Tanberg Township
Tansem Township
Tara Township
Tara Township
Taunton City
Taylor Township
Tegner Township
Teien Township
Ten Mile Lake Township
Tenney City
Terrebonne Township
Thief Lake Township
Thief River Falls City
Thompson Township
Three Lakes Township
Tintah City
Tintah Township
Toad Lake Township
Toqua Township
Tordenskjold Township
Torning Township
Township 157-30 Unorganized
Township 158-30 Unorganized
Tracy City
Trail City
Transit Township
Trondhjem Township
Troy Township
Tumuli Township
Tunsberg Township
Turtle Creek Township
Turtle Lake Township
Twin Lakes Township
Twin Valley City
Two Inlets Township
Tyler City
Tynsid Township
Tyro Township

Ulen City
Ulen Township
Underwood City
Underwood Township
Union Grove Township
Upper Red Lake Unorganized
Urbank City
Urness Township

Vail Township
Vallers Township
Valley Township
Vega Township
Veldt Township
Verdi Township
Vergas City
Vesta City
Vesta Township
Victory Unorganized
Viding Township
Viking City
Viking Township
Villard City
Villard Township
Vineland Township
Vining City

Wabanica Unorganized
Wabasso City
Wadena City
Walden Township
Walhalla Unorganized
Walls Township
Walnut Grove City
Walter Township
Walworth Township
Wanda City
Wang Township
Wanger Township
Ward Township
Warren City
Warrenton Township
Warroad City
Washington Lake Township
Waskish Township
Waterbury Township
Watkins City
Watson City
Waubun City
Waukon Township
Wellington Township
Wendell City
Wergeland Township
West Bank Township
West Union City
West Union Township
West Valley Township
Westerheim Township
Western Township
Westline Township
Westport City
Westport Township
Wheaton City
Wheeler Unorganized
White Bear Lake Township
White Earth Township
Whitefield Township
Whiteford Township
Wild Rice Township
Williams City
Willmar City
Willmar Township
Willow Lake Township
Wilton City
Winchester Township
Windsor Township
Winfield Township
Winger City
Winger Township
Winsor Township
Winsted City
Winsted Township
Winthrop City
Wolf Lake City
Wolf Lake Township
Wolverton City
Wolverton Township
Wood Lake City
Wood Lake Township
Woodrow Township
Woods Township
Woodside Township
Woodside Township
Wright Township
Wyandotte Township
Wykeham Township
Wylie Township

Yellow Bank Township

Zion Township
Zippel Unorganized