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Portrait of Rep. Collin Peterson Congressman Collin Peterson -- Minnesota's Seventh Congressional District
photos from Minnesota's Seventh District
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Helping You

Help with Federal Agencies (Casework)

My office can often provide assistance in resolving problems you may encounter with federal agencies. See also answers to frequently asked questions regarding veterans, social security, immigration, housing, and obtaining passports.

Federal Grants

My office can often provide assistance in obtaining or applying for Federal grants from agencies for groups, businesses, and communities.

Ordering a Flag

Order a U.S. Flag that has been flown over the U.S. Capitol.

Internships in Congressman Peterson's Offices

Learn more about internships in Washington, DC.

Military Academy Appointments

Information on how to apply to one of the nationís military academies.

Congressional Art Competition

Learn how to enter the annual congressional art competition, which brings together the best artwork from across the Seventh District.

Presidential Greetings

My office can help you secure a congratulatory greeting from the President for a birthday (for persons 80 years of age or over) or a wedding anniversary (50 years of marriage or more). Presidential Greetings are also available upon achievement of the Eagle Scout or the Girl Scout Gold Award.