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Senior Citizens:
Social Security and Retirement Planning

The Social Security Administration has launched its Retirement Planner, a new electronic, online retirement planner to help Americans better prepare for their financial future. The online retirement planner will let individuals compute estimates of their future Social Security retirement benefits online. It also provides important information on factors affecting retirement benefits, such as military service, household earnings and federal employment. The Social Security Retirement Planner will help workers understand how much they will get from Social Security when they retire.

A lot of additional information helpful for people planning retirement or already retired is available on the Social Security Administration's Access America for Seniors page. For instance, the site discusses planning housing, medical coverage and entertainment, as well as financial security in retirement. Additional information is included about special needs such as assisted living, nursing or long-term care, meals, housekeeping, etc. Links to other pages to plan for your retirement also are provided.

Also see the Social Security Frequently Asked Questions.